About us

“... throughout history there has been a tension between those who are the official keepers of the tradition and those who wish to fulfill the tradition...”

And every tradition ends up being possessed by the keepers of the tradition at a mass level by emphasis on either scholasticism or sentimentality. For us to be nourished by our own tradition, we need to look at it freshly, with some freedom from a faith of emotion. Then there is some hope, we may be able to have a fresh glimpse..”

- Ravi Ravindra

TAPASYA, The Academy for Practical And Spiritual Yoga Abhyasa, was founded with the hope that it may provide access to all seekers, to get to know, practice and experience first hand, the various aspects of the age old traditions of India, which is believed to be the cradle to the world.

Ashtanga Yoga, is considered a complete and well documented way of life, the practice of which can help AWAKEN the passive body, by practicing Hatha Yoga comprising of Asanas, Pranayama and several other techniques. Self Observation, ability to focus one’s attention consciously and meditation techniques can help ANCHOR and calm the restless, ever active mind. Exploring, Learning and Understanding our Scriptures like the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the Bhagwad Gita and the Upanisads can help us ATTUNE to the sacred divine spirit, that resides within each one of us, so that it can guide us.

For some reason, there is a misconception or people are led to believe that it is not possible to have the above inner transformation while still actively indulging in the material world of family, relationships, career, accomplishments and material pursuits. One feels that one needs to have to choose an ascetic way of life or be condemned to be steeped forever in a stressful Samsara.


Our hope and belief is that, in fact they both should go hand in hand, so that the inner opening and transformation aids in a better life of health, energy, understanding, compassion and wonder, while the continuous ups and downs of the stressful material life, provides a continuous reminder about the ephemeral nature of the outer world, thus providing a constant impetus to seek that eternal peace, that can only be found, within.

At TAPASYA, our YogaShalas will provide a great place to learn and practice yoga daily. Our Paatshala, which will focus on the live and online lecture series / classes on the scriptures would provide a world wide secular community to explore these invaluable well-springs of the Indian tradition, in the comfort of our home, thanks to the advancement in technology that continues to blur borders in space and time, region, religion, language and expression and can bring together like minded people who can collaborate together, to either create content or consume the same.

TAPASYA Location

Phone: +91 91081 77 999
3rd Floor, Pragati, 2759, E Block,
Sahakara Nagar, Bellary Rd, Sahakar Nagar,
Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560092, India